I will down curtains soon: Chiru
For the first time, actor Chiranjeevi broke his silence about his proposed political entry. Talking to a TV channel in New Delhi today, Chiranjeevi said that he would personally be downing the curtains on the suspense over his political party. So far, his brother Nagababu, brother-in-law Allu Arvind and key persons in CCT had made statements and even fixed the dates of Chiranjeevi's political party launch. However, the megastar didn't respond to this.
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Chiru will create history: Nagababu
Actor Nagababu today said some sections are given to undermine the stamina of Chiranjeevi fans; and this false opinion would be shattered soon. He addressed a big gathering of mega fans and general public at Dondavarti in Vizag district after taking part in a road show. "Chiranjeevi is going to create new history. You all be prepared to join the great event. Social service activities are the right answer to the critics," he said. The fans profusely garlanded Nagababu, hailing the leadership of Chiranjeevi. Meanwhile, the mega fans took out a huge rally in Anantapur this morning. At a similar function, Dr. Samaram termed Chiranjeevi as a "Tsunami," set to create a new trend in politics
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Mid term polls: Allu Arvind's curiosity
"It's true that Allu Arvind contacted me over phone," clarified CPI state secretary K. Narayana, at a media briefing in Hyderabad. He said that the producer and Chiranjeevi's brother-in-law had his conversation about the party's interests in withdrawing support to the Centre. "He didn't speak about state politics," the communist leader added. To note here, the left parties made it clear that they were not interested to consider making any tie-up with Chiru till the actor declared the party and his agenda.
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Film industry with Chiru: Comedian
P.K. Mallikarjuna Rao, senior comedian and Gen. Sec of the Movie Artistes Association said that the entire film industry would support Chiranjeevi. He spoke to the media at Simhachalam (Vizag) temple premises. He didn't specify the manner of support – general or political. "I am in the Telugu Desam Party for the last 27 years, influenced by the policies of late NTR." The comedian on a couple of occasions tried to contest from the Anakapalli constituency in Vizag district on TDP ticket, but it didn't happen. Mega brother K. Nagababu is the president of the MAA. During the MAA elections-2006, but for this comedian, all the contests who won were from Nagababu's panel.
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Kamal's 11th avatar for Chiru
Kamal Hassan, who attained the new title Loka Nayakudu with Dasavataram, said to spell out his opinion about Chiranjeevi's political entry, "I have to make my eleventh avatar." Responding to a question at a press meet organised for promotion of the latest film, he quipped in the lighter vein. "Chiranjeevi is a good friend of mine. I can wish him well, because he wanted that (politics)," so came his single liner.
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Mega rally hit by Section 144
The rally of Chiranjeevi fans inviting the actor to come into politics suffered many a halt in Hyderabad today. Hyped to the brim, the rally took off at Dilsukhnagar to reach Jubilee Hills. The Sarurnagar police took objection to the march as Section 144 is in force some parts of the city, but later allowed it to pass through another route. Once again, the rally was stopped at Nagol. At last, the fans reached the specified venue in groups with each consisting of five members. It was expected that Allu Arvind would address them, but nothing like that happened. Meanwhile, more than 3000 women activists under the banner of Mahila Meluko met at Kukatpally, inviting Chianjeevi into politics. Popular writer Olga joined the gathering and sought Chiranjeevi to give big importance to the uplift of women.
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chiru party to come in august.this was confirmed by naga babu...samaikyavadam is chiru's agenda.
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Dr. Mitra to flag off Mega rally
A massive motorbikes rally inviting Chiranjeevi into politics will be held tomorrow in Hyderabad. The proposed rally will commence at Malakpet and reach Jubilee Hills via Punjagutta. The actor's political advisor Mitra will flag off the rally. Meanwhile, a mahila session with about five thousand activists titled Mahila Meluko is planned tomorrow at Kukatpally locality in the city.
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Latest Update: When is Chiru party?

There have been widespread speculations about when and how Chiranjeevi would launch his political party.

According to initial talk, it was rumoured that Chiru would launch the political party on April 7, the Ugadi day. A television channel had already created a hungama to that effect and Andhra Jyothy published banner stories, forcing Chiranjeevi to issue a statement dispelling the talk.

The latest news being in circulation is that Chiru has deferred his launch date by a week. Now, it will be on April 14, coinciding with the birth anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar. And Chiranjeevi will name his party as "Sarvajan" party, on the lines of Mayawati's strategy in the UP elections.

However, there is also another talk that he might launch it on May 1, coincinding with the International Labour Day as he is better known as pro-labour. Which one shall we believe? Have patience, man.
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Dasari Gave Indirect Warning To Chiranjeevi
Is the union minister Dasari Narayana Rao getting ready to take on Chiranjeevi? Yes, say some who are close to the minister and also follow the political movements very closely.

The relations between Dasari and Chiranjeevi have been anything but cordial in the past few years. Both Dasari and Chiranjeevi hail from the same caste – Kapu. Dasari tried his best to rope in Chiru and start a party in the state. Dasari wanted to be known as the undisputed leader of the Kapu community and he also had big ambitions to rule the state.

But Chiranjeevi did not bite the bait. Dasari tried several times and finally gave up. Now with Chiranjeevi giving strong hints of launching his own political party, Dasari is doing some behind the scenes activity.

He is said to have even issued a veiled threat to Chiranjeevi by saying that if Chiranjeevi starts his own political party, then he knows what to do. He said that to his close friends in Congress.

Dasari is reported to have assured the congress high command that he can take on Chiranjeevi and counter his influence effectively. But the congress party top brass including chief minister YS Rajashekar Reddy do not seem to be convinced with Dasari's assessment at all.
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Why Chiranjeevi will announce party on April 7?
The talk of megastar Chiranjeevi entering politics has been doing the rounds for more than four months now. But so far, Chiranjeevi has not made his mind clear in public. But his brother Nagababu is giving some hints about the launch of a political party by meeting Chiru fans across the state and taking their opinion and inputs. Aravind also implied many things in positive sense.

The congress government at the centre has now almost sounded the election bugle. Both the railway budget and the general budget have been presented with an eye clearly on the voters. There were no new taxes and some major sops were also announced.

The talk now doing the rounds in the state is that the general elections and assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh may be advanced to take advantage of the soft budget. The date of elections is being mentioned as October 17.

This has sent a wave of urgency in the Chiru camp. He has to form his party at least six months before the elections; otherwise he will not get recognition from the EC and will have to cool his heels for five more years. He will then be reduced to just like the Lok Satta party of Jayaprakash Narayan.

So it is being said that Chiranjeevi might announce the launch of his new party on April 7. Then we may even see Y Rajashekar Reddy requesting the centre to pre-pone the polls by a month or two. This will stump Chiranjeevi completely.
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Only 39% People Say 'Yes' To Chiranjeevi
Neilson Org Marg has surveyed people from all the districts of Andhra Pradesh with respect to the entry of Chiranjeevi into politics. Miserably it was just 39% of people from entire AP who wished Chiranjeevi to come into politics. Majority have conveyed that it would be better for him to be associated only with Film Industry and carry on with his social activities without stepping into politics.

The point to underline is that only 30-35% of people have welcomed Chiranjeevi into politics from his native district, West Godavari. The Chiru wave is not seen in big way and majority of people have opined that his image would be fresh and spotless only if he keeps away from politics.

The wave is a bit better only from Visakhapatnam district where 53 percent of people have welcomed Chiranjeevi into politics. And in rest of the districts it is between 30-40%. There are a few districts where the response is just around 23 percent positively.

Well, will this opinion of people continue or will it just vary with time has to be seen.
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Andhra Jyothy Competing With Surya For Chiru

We have heard of newspapers competing bitterly for improving sales and bagging more number of advertisements. But we are now witnessing a strange situation in Telugu. Two newspapers are competing with one another to praise Chiranjeevi sky high.

The two papers are Andhra Jyothy and Surya. Andhra Jyothi was a sympathizer of the congress at one time. The paper was blatantly pro-Babu and some reports had said at that time that Babu controlled a big stake in the paper. But Andhra Jyothi turned against Babu too and gave several stories against him and this led the TDP to end its close relationship with the paper.

The people in the state are being fed with news, speculation, analysis and gossip on Chiranjeevi day after day by these two papers.

The proprietor of Surya daily, Nookarapu Suryaprakasa Rao is actually a Velama from Srikakulam. But he now likes to be seen as a BC and is projecting Chiranjeevi as the messiah of not just the Kapus but also the entire Backward Castes in the state.

Satti Babu, the biggest and number one fan-President of Chiranjeevi is now seen pulling his hair in Narsapur. People are jokingly saying that now Surya and Andhraj Jyothi have dethroned him as the biggest fan of Chiranjeevi and are competing with each other to bag the distinction of being the number one fan of Chiranjeevi.
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Surya News Paper To Support Chiranjeevi

Suryaprakash Rao, the man who heads the daily Newspaper 'Surya 'is turning out to be an idol for the Backward Classes. This comes as a surprise considering the fact that he is a Velama and his activities which are focusing more on the projection of BCs is something worth thinking. The first look of the newspaper goes to show that he is all out for those who belong to the category and is more like a messiah to them.

It is heard that Surya News Paper is actually organizing political meets of the BCs every week in the remote areas of the state and makes it a point to increase their voice to its readers. Recently, when the TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu made a passing statement about a 33% reservation for the BCs in his manifesto and this was magnified to such a great extent by Rao that the item was covered to a large deal in the newspaper.

Politically, there are only two castes that have preferences – Kammas and Reddys. Now, with the possible arrival of Megastar Chiranjeevi into politics and sources close to him sending feelers about his agenda that he intends to get all the castes together matches very much with the ideology of Rao and inside discussions are of the opinion that he would be supporting Chiru to a great extent if he enters politics.
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Aug 15 launch of Chiranjeevi's party?

HYDERABAD: Is Chiranjeevi looking for an August 15 launch of his proposed political party? With confusing signals emanating from the Chiranjeevi household, nobody really knows when the actor would embark on his political journey.

But many analysts pondering over the subject averred that it would be a mid-August launch that the matinee idol could be looking at. The logic? With elections slated for April 2009, an August launch would allow the actor a long enough period to create a hype around him and his party, but the period would not be long enough for anybody to prick the bubble.

"Chiranjeevi is popular but he will depend on creating a larger-than-life image that will move the masses. Eight months will be long enough for him to tour the length and breadth of the state once and create an impact,” a political analyst said.

The analyst predicted that if Chiranjeevi's party was launched earlier, say April, then it would be there for a longer period and would be open to scrutiny for that much longer. "This has the potential of taking away the hype and the feel-good factor,"he said.

Everybody, however, does not agree with this line of thinking. It is argued by some that although elections are slated for April/May 2009, they could well be held earlier. "Nobody knows for sure. If Chiranjeevi launches the party in August and elections are in December, he would be caught unawares and this is a risk he cannot afford to take,"said a potential entrant to the actor's party.

He added: "Ugadi is a good day and one year is the minimum time required to set up an organisation. So I will bet on an April launch."Interestingly, though the person is negotiating with the Chiranjeevi camp he has no inkling about a possible launch date.

Some other analysts think that if the actor waits far too long without setting an organisational structure in place, his fans could become restive. "The result could be the sort of roadside fracas that his supporters had with actor Rajasekhar recently. This is hardly something that Chiranjeevi can afford,"an analyst pointed out.

Meanwhile, there is a debate among analysts about which party would be hit hard by Chiranjeevi effect. Most analysts averred that the film star's indelible mark would be felt across the state, including Telangana. But the maximum effect would be seen in East Godavari and West Godavari districts of coastal Andhra.

Since these are precisely the districts where TDP's Chandrababu Naidu is recovering ground, Congress circles are upbeat and hope that the hero would jump into the fray fast. But mum is the word from the Chiranjeevi household.

Courtesy: TimesOfIndia
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Chegondi Bringing Kapu Feeling For Chiru Party
Chiranjeevi is maintaining some strict principles and working towards getting an image of 'andarivadu' and hence not getting into the loop of Kapu feeling. But Chegondi Hari Rama Jogayya is bringing Kapu feeling with his own whims and fancies.

Followed by the attack of some Congress sympathizers on his house, he compares himself with Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga to glue Kapu color.

Congress people say, "Where is comparison between Mohana Ranga and loose talk Jogayya? Jogayya is an opportunist and he is doing some show to attract Chiranjeevi. He is expecting some ministry in Chiranjeevi's government and firmly believes that he would win elections and form government. Hence he doesn't want to lose the opportunity to join the party that forms government again. He is ready to bring any feeling to win sympathy. Hence he has chosen to get Kapu sympathy. But the underlining fact is that Chiranjeevi would go to dogs with this loose talk Jogayya. He may not get an MLA ticket as well. What Jogayya is feeling that Chiranjeevi is getting threat only from Congress but not TDP. And hence he is targeting only Congress".
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Nagababu's Secret Meeting With Chiranjeevi Fans

Nagababu has participated in a meeting with Chiranjeevi fans in Khammam district freshly. He was taken there by Vemuri Satyanarayana, a Congress leader to speak to 200 and odd Chiranjeevi fans regarding Chiru-Party. Nagendra Babu clearly said that Chiranjeevi may announce party at any time after Republic Day and hence asked them to get ready.

Nagendra Babu is very attentive during his speech and observed that no one is recording in mobiles. Hence all the mobiles were deposited before the meeting itself. The event took place at Seetha Rama Puram on the border of Khammam and Krishna Districts.

Everything went on silently without catching the eye of media.
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BSP may have an edge over Chiru’s party in Telangana

Hyderabad: Former Union minister and Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) leader A Narendra’s reported decision to join the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) may give the BSP an edge in Telangana over actor Chiranjeevi’s proposed political party as the actor is said to take a decision on the issue only after assessing the mood in Andhra, from where he hails.

Mayawati would be arriving in the city on January 6 to relaunch the party in Andhra Pradesh. The party’s efforts to enter AP in the late 80s was a miserable failure as it could not attract a single mainstream political leader. Since then, the BSP has not tried to set foot in the state in a big way though the party won the Paderu assembly constituency in Visakhapatanam district in 2004.
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KCR-Chiru meet sparks media speculation

Film star Chiranjeevi is in deep trouble. His father died only the other day. He and his family are still observing the mourning period. But mediapersons, who are insensitive to the things around them, have started speculating over a meeting between Chiranjeevi and Telangana Rashtra Samithi leader and former Union minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. Chandrasekhar Rao had called on the film star to express condolences and sympathies with him. But some mediapersons gave a political twist to the meeting. One newspaper has posted in its website that the two leaders had discussed a wide ranging issues including the political situation in the State and the country.

What the insensitive mediaperson or the media house failed to comprehend that the film star was not in a position to discuss politics. It was just a condolence meeting without any political overtones.

Even if there are some, those reporting the incident should be sensitive enough to respect the sensibilities of people and resort to responsible reporting. In their anxiety to create sensational news, these insensitive mediapersons and media houses attract the wrath of their readers and viewers. People are no fools to listen to or watch whatever these media houses dishes out in the name of news and analysis. The earlier they mend their ways and be sensitive to people's sentiments, the better for themselves and the media at large.
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Behind The Scene: Chiru's party may get delayed!

Film star Chiranjeevi may not form the much-talked about political party even in 2008. The reason is quite simple. The bereavement in his family. Chiranjeevi has been attached to his father very much and he would not like to take any up anything auspicious in view of his father's death, at least for one year. This leaves no time for the film star to think of a new political party just before the May 2009 elections.

There has been a talk of Chiru floating the party around Telugu New Year Ugadi. But since he should not and would not take up auspicious works during the traditional bereavement period, there's no likelihood of the film star going in for the party.

Also there will be no pressure from the Chiru fans or Kapu leaders because the film star was observing mourning period. He received a blow after blow during 2007 and was hopeful of something good during 2008. While Chiru may have a good personal life in the new year, he will not give a thought to float the political party.

This simply means the May 2009 Assembly elections will be fought directly between the Congress and the Telugu Desam, though there may be the TRS and the BJP. The Lok Satta is just a paper tiger and its presence or absence will have no electoral consequences.
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Chiru passing through "Sade Saat" phase

Astrologers say that film actor Chiranjeevi is passing through the "Sade Saat" phase. Sade Saat or the bad seven afflicts all people on the earth during one or other phase of life. The bad seven years are known to cause heavy damage to property and public image of the individual. Many successfully come out of the phase by the Grace of the Almighty. But a few suffer during the period.

The film star is currently passing through this worse phase. The year 2007 was in a way the worst year for the film actor. The year started with one or the other trouble for Chiranjeevi. Several domestic issues put him to great botheration. His daughter ran away from home and married a person against the wishes of the family. Then the debut film of his son flopped at the box office. His brother is caught in a legal battle over a marital affair. And finally there was bereavement in his family.

Astrologers also point out that the next year too will be an uphill task for Chiranjeevi. Since he is passing through the bad seven years phase, his plans for a political party may backfire and will not yield any desired electoral result in the May 2009 elections.

This is something really bad for all those who believe in astrology and the Sade Saat phase. But it all depends on the Almighty God.
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Kapu leaders stumbling blocks for Chiru

Look who is creating problems for film star Chiranjeevi! They are not Kammas or Reddys. But leaders from the Kapu community, to which Chiranjeevi belongs.

According to inside sources, the film star is delaying his decision to plunge into politics primarily because he is not getting the much needed support from the leaders of his own community. Chiranjeevi hoped to muster the support of Kapu strongman and Union Minister Dasari Narayana Rao. But Chiranjeevi could not get Dasari's support. Sources point out that Dasari is not in favour of Chiranjeevi entering into politics at this juncture. Other senior Kapu leaders, both in the Congress and the Telugu Desam, are also against the film star entering the political arena.

The reason for this is quite simple. These Kapu leaders have been enjoying political privileges all these years. And now they do not want to hand over their independence to Chiranjeevi. If Chiranjeevi sets up a political party, all these Kapu leaders will have to play the second fiddle. And who wants to be the second-in-command to a film actor, particularly after calling the shots all these years?

If Chiranjeevi has to set up a political party, he will not get first class Kapu politicians to back him. He will have just second rung or non-influential Kapu leaders beside him. The film star has to depend on other castes for votes and this in a way will prove beneficial to the film star, political observers feel.
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Spotlight: Allu Aravind As Deputy CM!

No one knows when Chiranjeevi really enters politics but the discussions on it are in different forms. An interesting discussion took place in Film Nagar last evening among two-on-screen celebrities and three behind the screen technicians those are seniors.

A person in the group said, "If Chiranjeevi sets up a party that would win 60 seats I believe. TRS would win 40 as there is string sentiment this time. Congress would win 80 and TDP would bag 90. The remaining seats will be shared by BJP and Lok Satta if possible".

Then immediately the other continued the discussion saying, "If that will be the case, then Congress and TDP would desperately try for Chiranjeevi's support. Then Chiranjeevi wouldn't come onto main picture. He will be behind the scene like a king maker, Bal Thackeray. Then Allu Aravind would come into the picture on the condition of giving him Deputy CM position. Chances will be very meagre for Chiranjeevi's party associating with TDP. It may join only Congress depending on the situation. It has to join either of those two parties but cannot sustain peacefully standing independent. Chances are there for TDP joining with TRS. Chandrababu would shell out Rs 1000 Cr for KCR and also promising a special package for Telangana. And with that KCR turns towards him".

The other person interrupted and said, "If Ashwini Dutt joins Chiranjeevi's party he will be given Cinematography Ministership".

And the discussion went on that way in cinematic way. It recalled the adage 'aalu ledhu choolu ledu koduku peru…'!! Well, who knows how many would like this wild dream and incredible assumption.

Discussion on Chiranjeevi is not only the common people's stuff but also equally treated by cine celebrities.
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Political Buzz: TDP leader supports ‘mega’ moves

Cine actor Chiranjeevi found support from a section of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Eluru city unit for his reported moves to enter politics.

In the wake of speculation over ‘mega’ moves, TDP floor leader in the Municipal Corporation of Eluru Badeti Kota Rama Rao (Bujji) announced his resignation from the party membership and expressed willingness to join hands with Mr. Chiranjeevi on Tuesday.

Four other corporators from the TDP extended their support to Mr. Bhujji. The event was marked by a rally and a public meeting.

Mr. Bujji, who served as municipal vice-chairman during the TDP period, stated that he would tender his resignation to the floor leader post too. Speaking at a public meeting, he said the TDP would have no survival in the State if Mr. Chiranjeevi forayed into politics. A few more corporators were likely to come out in support of Mr. Bujji.
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Chiru's fans now want him to work for unity

After pressing him for long to join politics, the fans club of mega star Chiranjeevi now demand that he work for the unity of the Telugu-speaking people not only in Andhra Pradesh but also all over the world. They equate him with former chief minister and Telugu Desam founder NT Rama Rao. The fans club feels that Rama Rao had brought unity among the Telugus by launching Telugu Desam. They want Chiranjeevi to work for the unity. However, the fans club this time did not specifically demand that Chiranjeevi join politics and thereby work for the unity of the Telugus.

Since Chiranjeevi himself did not announce his political intentions, the fans club too does not want to be dragged into the controversy. So in a subtle way it has come out with the demand and the need for unity among Telugus. The club is of the view that only Chiranjeevi will be able to bring about the much-needed unity among Telugus at this crucial juncture. The fans are hopeful that the film star will some day or the other, but before the next Assembly elections, announce his intentions to join politics or launch his own political organisation.
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Chiru's party plans hastens Babu's blood bank

Former chief minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday ordered demolition of a structure in TD headquarters NTR Bhavan to make way for a modern blood bank. Though the proposal of a blood bank has been on the cards for quite some time now, Chandrababu Naidu rushed through it after he got concrete evidence that film star Chiranjeevi was serious about his plans to launch a political party.

The film star has denied having authorised anyone to speak on his behalf that he was jumping into politics after quitting the film world. But he did not confirm or deny that he was launching a political party. Chandrababu Naidu gathered more information about Chiranjeevi's plans through his courses in the Tollywood and film personalities loyal to the Telugu Desam. A jittery Chandrababu Naidu wanted to speed up the blood bank plans and start work immediately after the harvest festival of Sankranti. Chiranjeevi himself is running a blood bank and Chandrababu Naidu wants to outsmart him through his own medical services.

The long defunct doctors' unit in the Telugu Desam was also revived. With the TD jumping into the election mood, service activities are also speed up. A modern blood bank is one of the service activities of the Telugu Desam to endear itself with the masses before the hustings. Let's see whether Chiru's blood bank will have more takers or will Chandrababu Naidu's blood bank will become numero uno in the State. Of course, not in terms of publicity but in terms of service.
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Fact Sheet: First film, then party for Chiru

Mega star Chiranjeevi, who is said to be chalking out a strategy for formation of a political party, will act in a historical film with a social message and patriotism before jumping into politics. He will first release the film which will project the mega star as a champion of the poor and a patriot to the poor. He will also project himself as the much-needed and long awaited messiah, whom the State needs right now.

Only after the release of the film and judging the response to the film from the common man, the film star will take a further step into politics.

The film is said to be about a revolutionary from the Rayalaseema region. Chiranjeevi has a strong fan following in coastal Andhra because he hails from the region. To some extent he enjoys support in Telangana region, though he has to clearly spell out his stand on separate Telangana state. But the problem is in Rayalaseema where he has not much following. He wants to endear himself with the people of all the three regions before taking a plunge into politics with a new political party.

After all film career is more important for Chiranjeevi than politics. But will the people accept his reel role into their real life and vote for him, in case he chooses to join politics? This is the million dollar question nagging the brains in the ruling Congress as well as in the Opposition Telugu Desam.
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Rumors: Chiranjeevi Behaves Like 'Aparichithudu'!

This is the news from inside sources. It is said that Chiranjeevi has been highly confident on one side, partly confident for a few hours and getting afraid and talking like a timid for some time. That's an evidence of his disturbed mind now. Although he is not wholeheartedly willing, circumstances are pushing him to jump into politics. But Chiranjeevi is not man to go for 'trail and error' method. If he starts a party that should win and he should become CM. That is the requirement as of now. It's like hitting the goal in single shot on Foot Ball ground. It's like hitting an 'Ace' on Golf Course. So the aim should not be missed to safeguard Chiranjeevi and his image. That's really an uphill task when made calculations on normal grounds.

Chiranjeevi shows these split personality traits at home due to overlapping of several thoughts and assumptions. Chiranjeevi is only an actor by conviction and training. He is an actor by profession. But now he is a politician by assumption. Chiranjeevi has no training in politics, no professional outlook in politics but has only vacillating conviction. He assumes that he can win looking the fans organizations and media support. At the same time he goes bewildered looking at the strong leaders like Chandrababu and YSR. Chiranjeevi knows that he is not a spontaneous orator. He knows that he is not a balanced guy as per emotional quotient. He knows that he breaks down to tears if something happens to his image. Just by an indirect hit by Mohanbabu in Platinum Jubilee, people have seen how Chiranjeevi reacted to that. He is too sensitive at heart.

As per Moslow's theory, Chiranjeevi is above the level of 'self actualization'. He made his mark in history already. He need not do something different to be in history. His image is on top, his earnings are on top and his fans are also good in number. Everything is prone to damage once he gets into politics. That would hurt his self actualization and self esteem as aspects as well.

So, as these aspects are overlapping in his head, he is disturbed. But the people those are observing him are saying, 'Chiranjeevi is behaving like Aparichithudu'.
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Behind The Scene: How Chiru developed faith in Kasu

There was an interesting discussion on why Megastar Chiranjeevi had chosen, of all, Maxivision chairman Dr Kasu Prasad Reddy (brother of Civil Supplies Minister Kasu Venkata Krishna Reddy) to leak the information about his plan to enter politics.

According to sources, Dr Prasad Reddy was a great fan of -- not NTR nor ANR -- but of noted comedian of yesteryears Allu Ramalingaiah, who is incidentally father-in-law of Chiranjeevi. A big portraint of this late adorns the wall of Dr Prasad Reddy's living room. So, when Chiranjeevi happened to visit Dr Reddy's hospital one day for an eye check-up, he was very impressed by the latter's admiration towards his father-in-law. Since then, both of them have been very good friends and Dr Reddy was helping Chiranjeevi in his eye-bank activities.

It was Dr Reddy, who has been the source of inspiration for Chiranjeevi to think about launching a new political party. The plan of leaking the information to the media to know the reaction from the public was also the brainchild of Dr Reddy and after taking the nod from the Megastar, he implemented the plan. But when it started taking the caste colour, Chiranjeevi had to step in and issue a statement asking his fans to maintain restraint, till he formally makes a statement.
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Chiru Needs Strategists Like NTR Had

Hyderabad: The legend goes that in the early eighties, before he formally entered politics, N T Rama Rao made a request to the Congress bosses to elevate his son-in-law N Chandrababu Naidu who was then a minister of state in the Congress government to the level of a Cabinet minister. The request was not kept. A little before that, NTR had apparently sought a nominated membership of Rajya Sabha; again his request had been kept aside. The superhero was miffed. He declared to his close friends that he would not go to anyone with a begging bowl, but rather form his own party and appoint ministers and MPs himself. The rest they say is history.

An old timer recalling this story wondered whether Chiranjeevi mulling over the prospects of entering politics had this spirit of NTR which made him take the plunge, oblivious of all the risks. “Chiranjeevi is faced with an Hamletian dilemma. But a decisive man has to be a risk taker. Remember fortune favours the brave,” the analyst said.

Nobody denies that Chiranjeevi has a huge fan following, especially among the youth segment in the ages of 18 to 24. But whether the superhero has a strategy to harness the raw youth power is the question.

A senior Kapu leader whose name is being bandied around as a possible entrant into the Chiranjeevi camp said: “NTR had a group of strategists who used to plan his moves and decide the publicity for him. If Chiranjeevi has such a core group, then we know nothing about them.” This leader points out that the fan clubs of Chiranjeevi have already become active in the last fortnight after word started doing the rounds that the superhero was planning a foray into politics. “The problem is that they have become aggressive, alienating other sections of youth - fan clubs of Mahesh Babu or Junior NTR. Chiranjeevi instead of dilly-dallying should appoint district secretaries who should channelise this raw power,” said the leader. However, it seems that Chiranjeevi’s emissaries are active over the last few days. Many politicians and professionals confirmed to STOI that Chirumen had sent feelers to them about the possibility of their making common cause with the superhero. Most of them are keeping their options open, not very sure of the shape that a new Chiranjeevi party will take. “We are interested in the new formation, but who along with him would occupy a vantage position is the issue. Will his brother-in-law Allu Aravind who controls his film destiny be hyperactive, whether younger brother, the quick tempered Pavan Kalyan play an important role will be an important issue,” said one professional, getting feelers.

But there is unanimity that Chiranjeevi’s party - when floated - would be a success. “There are a lot of disgruntled persons in the political stage. Chiranjeevi’s ability is immaterial at this point of time. They will use him as a glue to stick around. Chiranjeevi will provide a platform of sorts - especially for the Kapus who nurse the feeling of being non-entities in the political scene,” said an analyst. “But in the long run for the party to be successful, it would require proper party managers, programmers and continued charisma of Chiranjeevi. We have to see whether all these can combine,” the analyst added.

Linked to the whole issue is the question of Telangana. Many analysts feel that in the event of a Chiranjeevi threat if the Congress high command starts mulling on Telangana, the film star’s activities would be restricted to the Andhra area. This will contain him to a large extent.

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Over reaction by some editors on Chiru

Whether to join politics or not is the sole discretion of film star Chiranjeevi. India is an independent country and everyone has a right to decide what best suits him or her. No one has any compulsions. One is free to choose the path.

Chiranjeevi himself has not announced his intentions officially. What one has been hearing is reports based on those culled out by the film star's confidantes or those "close to him".

When the mega star has not made his intentions clear, one has no right to comment on him. What's the loss the country is going to face if Chiru enters politics? Or what's the gain if he joins politics? All these have to be discussed by those who call themselves editors, only when the film star makes up his mind, calls a media conference or issues an official press statement. But in their anxiety editors have been writing and commenting what they think is best for themselves and not what people think best for society.

Unfortunately, a section of the media has become a mirror of some ideologies and not reflecting truth and facts. And this has happened in Chiru's case too.
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Chiranjeevi keeps political parties guessing

Hyderabad (IANS) Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi continues to keep political parties in Andhra Pradesh and his fans guessing about his plans of entering the political arena.

Even as pressure is mounting from fans to take a plunge into politics, Chiranjeevi is keeping his cards close to his chest. Informed sources said he was in two minds and wants to test the waters first.

Chiru, as his fans popularly call the film star, has asked his supporters to be patient till he makes an announcement on the issue.

"I am deeply touched by the warmth displayed by countless people across the state in response to a news event. I appeal to all my supporters to be patient till I make an announcement. I have not authorised any individual or organisation to act on my behalf," he had said in a statement issued Friday.

He was referring to reports in a section of the media that quoted sources close to him as saying that he would launch a political party in January.

While the ruling Congress and the main opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) are wary of the impact his entry would have on their prospects in the 2009 elections, smaller parties and caste-based outfits trying to forge a third front are eager to accept him as their leader.

Leaders of Kapu, the caste to which Chiranjeevi belongs, want him to enter politics without delay. Other backward classes are also looking towards him to take on the Kammas and Reddys, the powerful castes dominating the TDP and Congress respectively.

Speakers from Kapu, Mala and Madiga castes, at a meeting of weaker sections organised by former advocate general S. Ramchandra Rao here Sunday, also exhorted Chiranjeevi to lead them.

"We expect Chiranjeevi will lead us in our efforts to form a third alternative," said Mala Mahanadu leader K. Shivaji.

Over the last few days, enthusiastic fans and supporters of the actor held meetings in his support across the state, especially in the politically significant coastal Andhra, the region to which the actor belongs.

They are confident that the actor would recreate the magic of thespian N.T. Rama Rao, who had taken politics by storm by coming to power within nine months of launching the TDP in 1982.

Chiranjeevi, one of the highest paid actors in the country who has acted in 148 films in a three-decade long career, is said to be consulting his family members and close friends about the timing of the launch of a new party and its policies and programmes. It is still not clear if his party will represent the interests of a particular caste or a group of castes.

Like other popular actors in the south, he also enjoys a demigod status. With 3,000 Chiranjeevi fan clubs across the state, his popularity can be compared to that of NTR.

The actor's entry could realign political forces in the state. The Left parties, who are keen on building a Third Front as an alternative to the Congress and TDP, said they would not mind joining hands with Chiranjeevi if he came up with specific policies and programmes.

"Let us wait for him to announce the launch of his party and its policies and programmes," said Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) MP Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy.

Meanwhile, sources close to the 52-year-old actor said he was also planning a movie with a political message to mobilize public opinion in his favour.

The major political parties are wary of the impact of Chiranjeevi's entry in politics. Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy said he would welcome the actor's foray into politics and would even ask him to join the Congress.

"He may leave an impact in the coastal belt and Rayalaseema regions but not in Telangana," said Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K. Chandrasekhar Rao, whose party is fighting for separate statehood for the Telangana region.
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Chiranjeevi's 'Sample Test' Revealed Off Late

This is the inside talk that is spreading in political circles. Chiranjeevi, in his statement to media, mentioned that he didn't ask anyone to talk on his behalf or do show on his name. At the same time he did not condemn the news in News Papers and media immediately. He observed for a few days before responding to media (only in written form).

Sources say that it is like 'gummadikaya donga antey bhujalu thadumukunnadu' .

"No one asked Chiranjeevi if he encouraged his men to do show on his behalf. But Chiranjeevi himself said that he is not responsible for anything. But inside sources say that a close ally of Chiranjeevi ignited a spark and kept silent stating that Chiru is announcing party for Sankranthi. It's only Chiranjeevi's wish to know the public pulse, media reciprocation and the response of political circles regarding his political entry. It's only a 'test fire'. He understood various aspects in these days. He understood that there is thumping support from public, no media support from Eenadu and balanced approach by political circles. He also understood how many are willing to leave TDP and Congress to join his party if he announces.

After understanding all this, Chiranjeevi released his statement to media stating that the uproar about his political entry got ignited without his involvement. It is a very intelligent move, indeed.
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Analysis: Chiru prefers to play the waiting game

HYDERABAD: Through his succinct statement on Friday, Telugu film star K. Chiranjeevi has sent across a loud and clear message that he will not be hustled into announcing a decision on entering politics. As he is entitled to, the decision on the timing and venue of his political ‘arangetram’ will be solely his.

Chiranjeevi’s caveat should cool off a bit the enthusiasm displayed by his fans, caste organisations nursing political ambitions and, not the least, the media, all of whom were eagerly anticipating the political atmosphere in the State to turn electric if he took the plunge.

His statement has not, however, totally disappointed his admirers as he has not foreclosed his options - evident from his appeal to supporters to remain patient “till I make an announcement on the issue”. Nevertheless, he avoided taking the bait unlike Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu who virtually allowed him to be pushed by the media into advancing the Assembly elections in 2004.

The assumption was that he could encash on the sympathy generated by Maoists’ abortive assassination attempt on him at Alipiri. But, the rest is history.

Each section egging him to enter politics had either an interest or a presumption for seeing him in the seat of power.


Like elsewhere in the South, film fans in the State hold their superstars in exalted status and yearn to see them as larger-than-life leaders in real life as well. After all, MGR, NTR and Jayalalithaa went on to become powerful Chief Ministers after holding sway over the tinsel world. Several caste organisations, seeking to seize their due share of political power were keen on piggy-riding on Chiranjeevi hoping that as a member of the Kapu community he would lead them against Kammas and Reddys. The film star never responded to their overtures, at least publicly, as it would be na├»ve to champion the cause of particular castes and yet gain a pan-Andhra Pradesh image. NTR never did so and his trump card when he launched his party in 1982 was protection of ‘atma gouravam’ (self-respect) of the Telugus.

Also, the assumption that BCs are a monolithic group who will vote one way or the other at Chiranjeevi’s call has no basis. Kapus of coastal Andhra, Munnurkapus, Setti Balijas, Yadavs and Gouds differ in their political preferences between and among themselves.

A deeper study of their political inclinations and socio-economic needs would be needed before a ‘a Mayawati type’ alignment with the ‘politically deprived’ sections of upper castes can be knitted together in AP.

A section of the media perceives there is a political vacuum in the State which Chiranjeevi is eminently suited to fill.

Strong contenders

The indisputable fact, borne out by poll statistics, is that Congress and Telugu Desam enjoy a vote base of at least thirty per cent in the worst of times and remain strong contenders for power - quite unlike the situation in 1982 when the only opposition to the Congress came from within.

During the past week, Chiranjeevi has basked in the adulation of supporters who have created a jumping board for him to take a leap into politics.

But, before he does so, he has hard home work to do – balancing the caste equations and learning from history before he can get his electoral arithmetic right.

Courtesy: The Hindu
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Behind The Scene: Time is not yet ripe, Chiru?

What is going on in Megastar Chiranjeevi's mind right now? Why did he give such a statement after watching the tamasha for five days?

These are the questions that are haunting the political observers and the people alike now. His statement has led to heated discussions and varied speculations among the people on Sunday. One section feels that Chiranjeevi himself has planted the stories about his political "arangetram" to see the reactions from the people. But he could not muster his courage to launch a political party of his own, as he is not confident of capitalising on the situation by consolidating anti-Congress and anti-Telugu Desam forces.

The other section feels that time is not yet ripe for Chiranjeevi to launch a political party, as there is a lot of confusion in the political atmosphere and his entry at this juncture would only add to the confusion. The caste factor is playing a major role in politics and he has not framed up his mind as to how to tackle this issue. On many other issues, Chiranjeevi has no clarity and he wants to come out only after gaining confidence to tackle all these issues. That is the reason why he has asked his fans and supporters to wait for some more time. But when that time comes still remains a million dollars question.
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Rumors: Did Chiru adopt Babu strategy?

Former chief minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu is known for his political strategies which many other politicians fail to comprehend. Before taking any major decision or policy issue, Chandrababu Naidu releases "feelers" to select media through his confidants. Once the news is flashed and reactions start pouring in, Chandrababu Naidu will sit up and decide whether to march ahead with the new idea or drop it. If he wants to march ahead, he will simply confirm the news reports. If he sees something negative reaction, he will issue statement saying that the media has been speculative and the report is not factual.

Many political observers are of the view that mega star Chiranjeevi also adopted Chandrababu Naidu's strategy. Though he is now denying having authorised any one to speak on his behalf, sources point out the person who had leaked out the information to select group of media persons was a close friend of the film actor. Without the approval of the film star, the person would not dare to speak to the Press on such an important issue as the entry of Chiranjeevi into politics.

Further, the fans would not take out big rallies all over the State without the nod from either the film star himself or those very close to him. Perhaps the film star thought that time was not ripe for him to enter politics. Or perhaps he wants to erase the mark as "Kapu leader", before announcing a new political party.
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Spotlight: BCs not to accept Chiru as leader

Hyderabad: If megastar Chiranjeevi has any plans to float a political party, he should not count on the support of backward caste communities. It was amply clear on Saturday when a huge gathering of OBCs unanimously stated that they would not accept a non-BC as their leader.

The message sent out loud and clear at the meeting was that there was a scope for an axis of BCs, SCs, STs and minorities. The gathering, consisting of MLAs, university professors, community representatives, legal experts and student leaders, was organised by the joint action committee of the all BC communities in the state.

The speakers were unanimous in their view that after Reddys and Kammas, Kapus were in the race for power.

“BCs should ideally align only with the oppressed sections of society. We can share power with them but not with the non-BC sections. As long as we don’t go along with SCs, status quo will not change,” justice (retd) B S A Swamy opined.

“We don’t accept any leader from the 20 per cent population that upper castes constitute. Kapus are not BCs. But as a separate party, we may align with him (Chiranjeevi) in the future,” said prof S Simhadri of Osmania University and cofounder of the ‘Forum for Empowerment of Weaker Sections’.

Endorsing the views of Simhadri, Murali Mohan, a professor from Kakatiya University, Warangal, said an attempt was being made to deflect the political awareness among the BCs in the form of Chiranjeevis, KA Pauls and S Ramachandra Raos.

“All the upper caste elements now want to lead the BCs. We should not fall prey to the designs of these forces,” he cautioned.

In an oblique reference to Chirajneevi, the meeting, presided by former Congress MP T Bala Goud, was almost unanimous in its opposition to the idea of joining any party led by a non-BC leader.

TRS MLA Etela Rajender said a committed BC leadership alone would help the poorer sections of the society. Former MLA Desini China Mallaiah also advocated the leadership from within and reservations on the basis of size of the population.

Some leaders urged BC political leaders not to take a unilateral decision in support of one leader or the other and in announcing new political parties on their own.

Others who spoke on the occasion included BJP state president Bandaru Dattatreya, Prof K Srinivasulu, Osmania University, prof Kesava Rao Jadav and U Sambasivarao of the joint action committee of BCs.
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Fact Sheet: KCR feels the heat of Chiru

Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhar Rao has already started feeling the heat of the possible entry of Chiranjeevi into politics.

According to sources in the TRS, KCR had a serious deliberations with the party leaders on Saturday and discussed the repercussions of Chiru's plans. Though he is putting up a brave front that Chiranjeevi's party would not have any significant impact in the Telangana region, heart in hearts KCR is worried that there could be serious trouble for the TRS, if all the pro-Telangana and anti-TRS forces join hands with the Megastar.

So, the TRS president has decided to step up pressure on the UPA government to announce the formation of Telangana. He is learnt to have had a detailed interaction with a couple of senior Telangana Congress leaders and discussed the fallout of Chiranjeevi effect. He reportedly told them that if the Congress has to survive at least in Telangana, Sonia has to concede Telangana State. In that event, the TRS could once again become part of the UPA and fight the elections unitedly with the Congress. Only an announcement on Telangana could neutralize the Chiranjeevi impact, he is learnt to have said. Watch out for further developments.
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Chiru Politics: Will he or won't he talk on Telangana!

While Chiranjeevi launching a political party is still a political speculation, an interesting discussion is on as to what his stand on separate Telangana State could be.

Some political observers say Chiranjeevi would not start off his political career on a controversial note by coming out with a stand on Telangana State -- for or against. He will remain non-committal, but would focus more on other issues like social justice and eradication of corruption in high places etc. And that he would consolidate his cadre strength first before talking about issues like Telangana. At the most, he can refer to the backwardness of Telangana and might promise to undo the justice done to the region in appropriate manner.

However, another section of political observers are of the view that there is no way Chiranjeevi can aspire to become the Chief Minister, without supporting the cause of Telangana State formation. The sentiment in the region for a separate State is too strong and Chiranjeevi cannot just ignore that. If he wants to make a wave in the State politics, he has to announce his support for Telangana State and indicate in his manifesto that he would push for an Assembly resolution on Telangana immediately after assuming power. Ultimately, it will be in the hands of the government at the Centre to carve out a separate State. And it will take two or three years to divide the State. Till such time, Chiranjeevi can be in power and even if the State is divided, his party can rule both the States.

If Chiranjeevi announces support for Telangana, it would also decimate the Congress and the TRS at one go, since the people of Telangana are vexed with style of functioning of TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao. Just because there is no alternative party, which has espoused the cause of Telangana, they are supporting the TRS. But if Chiranjeevi supports Telangana, the TRS would face a tough situation.
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Web Talk: A letter from Chiranjeevi!!

Even as the talk of Megastar Chiranjeevi launching a new political party has become a hot topic of discussion all over the State, a mail has generated from somewhere and is doing rounds in the Capital city, in the form of a letter purported to have been written by Chiranjeevi.

Here is the text of the mail; don't go to the bottom instantly; otherwise you will lose the fun!!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Before I begin my letter today, I just want to say that, I thought a lot about what I want to write to you today - so I started asking for ideas from my family and friends.

My wife said I should talk about life experiences. My friends said I should tell you about my contributions to the society. And Pawan Kalyan, said "Break that mirror in front of you - that mirror that only lets you look at yourself. Break it, so you can look beyond! You'll see the rest of the world. You'll see people who need your help!".

I realized I'd just speak out what's on my mind. You know, all of those areas - early days, movies and my family - are part of the story of my life - and I'm proud of it. But as the years have gone by, I've grown and changed because of them - and through them - to become the man I am today.

One thing I want to emphasize that I have learnt acting in 100+ movies is, no matter how big star you are, you need hundreds of people it takes to make a movie. It's the director and the director of photography... makeup, hair, and wardrobe... visual effects... special effects... stunt coordinators... not to mention the electricians and lighting guys, carpenters and accountants, and on and on. A hundred-and-fifty people minimum. That's why the credits are so long.

As I move myself to serve the government. I need more than hundred-and-fifty. I need seven crore Telugu people to support me. Yes, I need support from each and everyone one of you.

I have a dream to build an effective and transparent government. I believe our government should be in the business of educating our children, ensuring public safety, providing good medical facilities, generating opportunities to underprivileged, support Agriculture, Scientific and Medical reforms and many more. I believe in lower taxes. I believe in controlling government spending. I want to bring a change in our lives. I need your support to make this dream come true.

I am in the process of preparing our party agenda and goals. And as always, When you announce any ambitious goals to people, what do you think they'll do? Well, some people will laugh. Some will roll their eyes. And a lot of them will just tell you "You'll never make it!". I've experienced all of those. So don't listen to them. I encourage you to look around your community and see what you can do. What can all of us do to give back?

Write to me your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.
Annaya Chiranjeevi

Note: Annaya Chiranjeevi is a Fictional Character and has no basis in reality nor is related to Megastar Chiranjeevi. This email is intended for fun and entertainment purpose only. This letter does not reflect the views of our mega star Chiranjeevi nor any political party. Have fun and pass it to your friends.
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Parties abuzz over Chiru's possible entry into politics

Hyderabad (PTI): The buzz over Telugu matinee idol Chiranjeevi's possible plunge into politics has set the political parties in Andhra Pradesh into assessing the impact of the actor's political foray.

Political observers feel that the development could set off realignment of political forces in the state and boost the efforts being made in some quarters to forge a Third Front as an alternative to the ruling Congress and opposition TDP.

For the record, the parties have been reacting cautiously to a flurry of media reports suggesting Chiranjeevi has almost made up his mind to launch a political party next month.

"This is a hypothetical question. How can I respond to it," was all TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu had to say when reporters sought his reaction over the matter.

To persistent queries whether he would welcome the superstar's entry into politics, Naidu said, "Stop asking me hypothetical questions".

Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhar Rao said Chiranjeevi's entry into politics would have no impact in Telangana region for whose statehood the TRS is fighting.

"He may leave an impact in coastal belt and Rayalaseema regions but not in Telangana," he said in Delhi today.

However, the political parties are believed to be making internal assessment about the possible change of political equations that mega star may bring in and how they would effect their party's prospects.

Meanwhile, the reports of the mega star's political plans have triggered a wave of enthusiasm among his fans and well wishers, particularly in the coastal districts of Krishna, West Godavari and East Godavari.
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Where from is media getting news Chiru?

For the last three days, Telugu newspapers (barring of course Eenadu) are publishing stories on Megastar Chiranjeevi's entry into politics in different angles: what his agenda would be, what his party's name would be, what is the reaction of various parties and what the people are talking about the new development etc.

Everyday, these newspapers are publishing stories, as if the information has originated from Chiranjeevi's house. They are even attributing the information to sources close to Chiranjeevi family. The matter of the fact is that Chiranjeevi is not accessible to any leaders; nor is he discussing any issues with anybody. In fact, there is no activity at Chiranjevi's house. The street looks deserted and nobody is being allowed beyond the barricade near his house. Mediapersons tried to venture into that area to create some hungama, but they were all hounded out.

However, it is learnt Chiranjeevi has taken extra care to hoodwink the intelligence authorities, who have kept an eye on his movements. He is not directly involving himself in the negotiations, but those who are playing a key role in the whole episode are holding talks at different places, rather than in his house. Even among the family members, nobody, except Pawan Kalyan, knows much detail about Chiru's plans for political entry. "The news appearing in various media are only speculative. No concrete plan has emerged from Chiru's mind so far," sources said.
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Chiranjeevi fans get into action mode

Congress leader backs Chiranjeevi, announces resignation. ’80 per cent of people welcoming his entry into politics’

VIJAYAWADA: Fans of Telugu film star Chiranjeevi are making arrangements to convene a public meeting at I.V. Palace in the city on Friday, where they plan to make a strong pitch for the matinee idol’s entry into active politics. Another public meeting is being planned at Pamarru in Krishna district on Saturday.

City-based Congress leader Bonda Srinivasa Rao convened a press conference on Thursday to announce his resignation from the party and the details of groundwork being done by him for the new political outfit expected to be launched by Mr. Chiranjeevi.

“As he did in his film ‘Tagore,’ Chiranjeevi will root out corruption from the society and uplift the masses by entering into politics. As his fan, I have taken the responsibility of campaigning for the new outfit in Krishna, East Godavari and West Godavari districts,” he said. Mr. Srinivasa Rao maintained that Chiranjeevi had no tags of caste, creed and religion and he would be offering many more services to the poor through his political party.

G. Samaram, physician and convener of Chiranjeevi Voluntary Blood Donors Club, said Mr. Chiranjeevi would cleanse the ‘dirt’ in politics and render social justice. “The screenplay is ready and the title is yet to be announced. I feel that Chiranjeevi Party is the suitable name. People will, in any case, call the party as such, even if Mr. Chiranjeevi gives another name,” he remarked.

Claiming that over 80 per cent of people were welcoming Mr. Chiranjeevi’s entry into politics, he said that the remaining were opposing it only with vested interest.

Dr. Samaram said that the entry of Mr. Chiranjeevi into politics would change the political scenario in the State and youngsters would play a key role in politics.

Courtesy: The Hindu
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Chiru’s entry won’t affect Cong: Rosaiah

Hyderabad: The Congress feels that entry of megastar Chiranjeevi into active politics would not make any significant change in the state political scenario.

In an informal chat with the media on Wednesday, finance minister K Rosaiah said in a democracy anyone is free to join politics and float a party. But as far as the Congress is concerned it would not alter the situation in any manner. At the most, a few people might decide to join the new party.

He said not many left the Congress when NTR floated Telugu Desam Party at a time when there was a political vacuum and it was well known that he would sweep the polls. Even his own sonin-law N Chandrababu Naidu contested on a Congress ticket. Similarly, even when the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) was launched, the party held together.

In terms of votes, Rosaiah said, the Congress with a history of 150 years has its own committed vote bank and people continue to be with the party. The entry of Chiranjeevi would not make any dent into the popularity of the Congress.

He listed out various welfare measures the government had taken up for the backward classes since it came to power in 2004.

At the most there may be some realignment of BCs from all the parties, he added.

Similarly, Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu is also learnt to have assured his party leaders that the entry of Chiranjeevi would not make any difference for his party.

“No party can survive if it tries to project itself as representing a particular caste. Some desertions at the lowest level of the cadre who may be hardcore fans of the film actor or some leaders who are unhappy might decide to jump on to the new outfit but it would not ruffle the TDP”, he said.

“In the North, there are a large number of political parties and there is always a scope for yet another party in the political arena. It is the people who are the final decision-makers and as long as the rank and file of a political party remains with the people and works with them it would continue to hold its own,” Chandrababu Naidu told the party leaders at an informal meeting on Wednesday.
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Kasu not to join Chiranjeevi party

Guntur: In spite of reports that one of the Kasu family members is involved in the plan to float a political party led by actor Chiranjeevi, civil supplies minister Kasu Venkata Krishna Reddy is firm on staying in the Congress.

Interestingly, Prasada Reddy, a noted ophthalmologist in the state capital, who is believed to be the political mentor of Chiru, is the younger brother of Krishna Reddy. He is also a good friend of YSR. “Come what may, we will stay in the Congress,” echoed Mahesh Reddy, the minister’s son.

He said they had very little information about Prasada Reddy’s role in Chiru’s political plans. Krishna Reddy, who was away in Srisailam, is believed to have told his confidants that they need not worry about the latest developments. Reddy, who initially wanted to contest the LS elections, was forced to fight the Assembly polls at the behest of YSR
Posted by admin: gnanadeep
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